Policyholder Claims Center

Manage Your Claims – Manage Your Costs

  • Claims management is one of the most important aspects of controlling Workers’ Compensation costs.  Reporting a claim immediately and cooperation by all parties involved will lead to improved service and lower claims expenses in the long term. Start the process early – as soon as an injury occurs so that our expert claims team can get involved quickly!Our goal is to manage the claim from the beginning so that we can protect the best interest of our policyholders and help get injured workers the care they need so they can return to work.  We work closely with policyholders, injured workers and our network of healthcare professionals for this common goal.

    Report a claim

    Notify Builders Insurance Group of claims as soon as possible.  We offer fast, convenient ways to do so:


    Builders Insurance group utilizes Pharmacy Management of America (PMOA) as the Pharmacy benefit manager to assist you in receiving the prescriptions related to your Workers’ Compensation claims. Once you receive prescriptions related to your workers’ compensation injury, please present your pharmacist with your PMOA prescription (CCRx) card and this bin number:


    This number, along with your CCRx card, ensures that any prescriptions for your Workers’ Compensation injury will be filled correctly, without any out-of-pocket costs for you.

    Injured workers or pharmacists with questions about their prescription benefits program should contact PMOA at 800.661.1494. 

    Workers’ Compensation Laws in Your State

    Understanding the laws of your state in regards to claims reporting, use of panels of physicians, and other rights you may have in a Workers’ Compensation claim will help employers and employees work together in the claims process. 

    You can learn more about Workers’ Compensation laws in your state by consulting with your independent agent and visiting the state board of Workers’ Compensation Web site for your state.